• See Wailua Falls
  • See Opaekaa Falls
  • An exotic Fern Grotto boat tour
  • Picnic in the park

What’s Included:

  • Travel to each location
  • Admission to the Fern Grotto boat tour
  • Lunch


Approximately 6 hours


$225.00 per person
$175.00 per child

Pick up

Pick up from port, airport or surrounding hotels from 8 am to 11 am.

Tour Features

Today we will experience all the wonders that the waters of Kauai hold. We will begin the day by picking you up from your accommodations. The pickup time will vary depending on how long our drive will be. After we have picked you up, we will drive to the stunning Wailua Falls. These waterfalls plunge over 80 feet to land in a pool down below. The great thing about this spot is that the waterfalls are very easily accessible; you can see them from the road. Meaning that, unlike many waterfalls in Kauai, it is available to little kids and those with physical disabilities. If you are lucky, you might see an incredible rainbow as the light refracts through the mist of the falls. After we finish here, we will take a short drive to the nearby 

Opaekaa Falls. Opaekaa Falls means “Rolling Shrimp,” and it got its name back when shrimp were plentiful in the rivers. The shrimp would be tossed about by the current of the water and thus, “rolling.” This waterfall is 151 feet tall, nearly double the height of Wailua Falls, meaning this makes an excellent place to take photos. There are picnic tables and public restrooms nearby, and just across the road is a fantastic view of the Wailua River valley and plains.

After the pictures are taken and we are ready to go, we will go on another short car ride, to Smith’s Fern Grotto. Along the way, you will be amazed by the beauty that this island holds. Nicknamed the “Garden Isle,” it is lush with more plant life than you can imagine. There seems to be an infinite variety of shades of green, and the trees soar overhead. We will arrive at the loading dock for the Fern Grotto tour. This trip is a 2-mile tour up one of the most beautiful rivers on earth, the Wailua River. During the boat ride, you will be treated to stories of mythology, learning about ancient Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses, as well as ancient history. There is a short walk through the jungle to the far end of the grotto, where you will have the opportunity to take a picture in this most incredible garden. There, you will hear more stories and history about the grotto, how the company was started by one man with a rowboat, and how things have evolved over the years. The boats will then bring us back to where we arrived, the sweet jungle air kissing our skin as we glide through the water and enjoy a musical performance. 

After we are loaded back into the vehicle, we will drive to Wailua River State Park. Here, we will enjoy a picnic lunch from a local restaurant. Enjoy kalua pork, fresh fish, or some other local delicacy and relax in the park. There is also a Heiau (pronounced hey-ow) in the park. In ancient Hawaii, Heiaus were used for religious or sacred practices, whether to greet the morning sun, perform human sacrifices, or something else. It is believed to have been built around 1300 a.d. and was incredibly large. Now, however, only the foundation remains to be seen. After we finish with our picnic lunch, we will drop you back off the same location where we picked you up.

Wailua Falls

Fern Grotto


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