Tonga is known for its distinctive traditional culture and heritage. This unique and out-of-the-ordinary Tonga adventure is sure to please even the pickiest traveler. Visit the friendly islands of Polynesia and immerse yourself in history, culture, and incredible scenery. 


Thirteen Days



Journey Type





  • Amazing swimming and snorkeling areas
  • Boat Cruise
  • See all the main cities
  • Round trip-trans-Pacific airfare via Fiji Airways. Coach class from Las Angeles
  • Local airfare, coach class (as per itinerary)
  • Fafa Island in Tongatapu
  • Reef in Vava’u
  • Swim with whales or Dolphins
  • Sandy Beach in Ha’apai
  • Seaview in Tongatapu
  • Local food including “umu”
  • Hotel taxes and service charges
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinners
  • Airline fuel surcharge (subject to change) and government taxes and fees are not included.  

Points of Interest

  • Tongatapu Island
  • Nuku’alofa 
  • Talamahu Market
  • Ancient Tonga
  • Stone Garden at Lakufa’anga
  • ‘Eua National Park
  • Forest Plantation
  • Hafu Pool
  • Lauua Lookout Stage
  • Fangatave Beach and Caves
  • Lokupo Beach
  • Ha’apai

Day 1 – USA/Nuku’alofa

Trans-Pacific departure on Fiji Airways for the Kingdom of Tonga’s capital, Tongatapu Island, Nuku’alofa.  Arrive on Tongatapu’s largest island, near Nuku’alofa, at the Fua’amoto International Airport. Transfer to your hotel. 

Day 2 – Nuku’alofa

We will arrive in Tonga and transfer you to your hotel early this morning (probably just after midnight). This is a diverse country where old traditions sit along with the latest offerings of contemporary life. In the only remaining Kingdom of the Pacific, society has remained more impermeable than other islands to external influence. Today (around mid-morning), we visit the villages of “Ancient Tonga” in Fangaloto to discover the fascinating cocoon myth and follow the traditional cocoon milk methods. Enjoy local songs and dancing and learn the skills of making tapas, matte woven and wood carvings in a ground-based oven. Discover the secrets of Tongan food and baking such as “Umu.” Have a traditional lunch at a local market. Nuku’alofa overnight.

Today we will prepare for the tours throughout the rest of the trip and adjust to time changes and Jet lag. Spend the day at the ocean snorkel swim enjoy the sunshine.

  Day 3 – Nuku’alofa Spend Day in Capital City

After spending time at the beach; head off to Ancient Tonga. Learn about ancient Tongan culture and practices. This fun visit explains Tongan clothing regulations, how that make valuable treasure, and demonstrate some of the traditional dinners. They also describe various common plants used for pharmaceuticals and tales about Kava. End the day at the Ancient Tonga Cultural Tour 

Day 4 – Eua Ferry Ride over Stay overnight

 4WD Island tour – See more of the island by 4WD. Get unique perspectives as your guide takes you to areas on the island; many do not get to explore.

Options Include:

 Fangatave Beach and Caves Hike

Explore the Fangatave shoreline and caverns. Start at the Hafu Pool and the large ‘Ovava (Banyan Tree), past the Soldier’s Grave and ‘Ana Kuma (Rat’s Cave), Lauua Lookout Stage, and Lokupo Post. 

Talamahu Market, Salote Road (Open Monday-Saturday, early morning – 4.30 pm) 

Outside Talamahu Market, coconuts, pineapples and taro. Inside the market, fruits and vegetables are laid out in neat piles on wooden tables. You will also find stalls selling handcrafted handbags, carvings, woven trays and mats, and jewelry. Upstairs there is clothing and more jewelry. 

**Please do not try to bargain here. Prices are more than reasonable, and bargaining is seen as trying to exploit the vendors.

Day-5 Eua 

*(Until Further Notice we have to ferry back and forth until the hotel is rebuilt due to Cyclone damage)*

Lokupo Beach and ‘Eua National Park Hike: 

An even more challenging climb for the energetic explorers needing an entire day to explore into the core of ‘Eua National Park. Climbing the eastern side of ‘Eua through the Forest Plantation takes you to the Lokupo Post Point. This awe-inspiring point showcases not only the scenery of paradise but is an excellent lookout for whale watching too. (June – Nov) Dropping back in elevation the trail will take you to Lokupo Beach and over old magma streams and volcanic rocks.  

 Day 6/7- Tongatapu 

Spend the next two days exploring the island of Tongatapu. This island in Western Polynesia is close to the International Date Line. Tonga is one of the few remaining constitutional monarchies in the world. It is also proud to say that it is the first country to see each “new day.” 

Over the next two days, you will get to explore this unspoiled island. Take cruises offshore to islands and swim, snorkel, sunbathe and relax under the epic shade of coconut trees. Here is a list of things to see/do:

  •  Ha’amonga ‘a Maui
  •  Pangaimotu
  •  Anahulu Cave
  •  Royal Palace
  •  Hufangalupe

 ** Anything that you want to look at, please let us know. We will do our best to ensure that you get there.  

Day 8 – Tongatabu/Vava’u

Northern gathering a Vava’u is the gem in Tonga’s crown. It shapes a natural wonderland of coral reefs and white sandy shorelines. There are clear tidal ponds and various coral greenery enclosures. Enjoy some of Vava’u aquatic activities:

  •  angling
  •  scuba 
  •  swimming
  •  kiteboarding
  •  kayaking
  •  whale watching (June – Nov)

Visit the town of Neiafu and its deeply protected harbor.  

Ancient Tonga located in Fangaloto is only 7min from central Nuku’alofa, making it close to town but just far enough away from the busy town hustle. It is a family-run business, offering personalized interactive cultural tours. An informative in-depth tour of traditions, livelihoods, and ways of living in a community. With lush Tongan gardens, it has the amenities to cater to tours and events.

Day 9 – Vava’u/Ha’apai

Fly to yet another pristine island in the Tonga archipelago – Ha’apai. The central island group of the Kingdom of Tonga, Ha’apai is made up of a series of islands, islets, reefs, and shoals that are scattered over a large area of ocean. Ha’apai typifies the real Polynesia. Enjoy the friendly Tongan people, prolific wildlife, pristine beaches, and magnificent coral lagoons. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 10/11 – Ha’apai

Two days at the resort on your own. 

Day 12 – Ha’apai/Tongatapu

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu. Upon arrival, transfer to your city hotel.

Day 13 – Nuku’alofa/Nadi/USA

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Nadi, Fiji. Upon arrival, connect with your trip to the US, and arrive home the same day.


Bring Please limit your baggage to one piece of luggage per person plus one carry-on. With frequent security changes, we recommend that you check with your air carrier as well as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for current restrictions. Since most of your time will be spent outdoors, casual and comfortable clothes are recommended for your adventure. Layered clothes are best, including sweaters or jackets since temperatures tend to be cooler in the mornings and evenings. Light clothing, a hat, and sunscreen should be worn during the day, especially during the summer months, in preparation for the hot sun.