Fourteen Days



Journey Type

  • Airplane 
  • Land


  • Snorkel with chance to see Manta rays
  • Austronesian Dance Show
  • Bora Bora Water Trip
  • Bloody Mary’s Restaurant
  • Local fresh fruit and other food
  • 4×4 excursion through Moorea
  • Biking tour around Bora Bora
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Glass bottom over water bungalows
  • Lagoon Safari

Points of Interest

  • Tuamotu Atoll of Tikehau
  • Papeete
  • Moorea
  • Austronesian Cultural Village
  • Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa
  • Tiki Village
  • Moorea Dolphin Center
  • Taha’a
  • Raiatea

Come and enjoy a breathtaking getaway. Experience a Polynesian vacation, stay in an extravagant overwater bungalow, allowing you to plunge into the sea from your front door. Bora Bora has been described as one of the most beautiful islands on earth due to the blue-green ocean and a lush jungle interior. Stroll serene beaches, cruise across shimmering waters, dive in underwater utopias, sail reef-fringed islands, and visit an exotic tiki village. The proper fusion of relaxation & recreation, immerse yourself in feasts, dazzling cultural performances, gorgeous tropical treats, or sit back & relish doing nothing. While on a cultural tour with the native people, you will hear stories and history first-hand.



This package begins on the gorgeous islands of French Polynesia with three nights at the Pearl Beach Resort.

Jet off to the Tuamotu atoll of Tikehau and spend your two nights in an overwater bungalow at the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort.


Day 1: Papeete – A Slice of Island Paradise

The lush palms and tall grasses of Papeete shimmer with emerald hues, as your flight goes down into the airport. The ocean glistens bright indigo as thatch huts rise out of the moles along the pier. Boats glide through the mild waters as the palm trees rustle within the tranquil breeze. Your flight arrives at Faa’a International airport. The aroma of the sweet sea permeates the air. The dynamic spirit of the Papeete Market creates a swirl of color emanating from oversewn sarongs and shell necklaces, woven hats, and the array of products picked from the trees and bushes around the rural area.


Day 2: Papeete – journey in the middle of Paradise

Rising with the sun, you’ll hear the ocean brushing against the black volcanic sands of the beach outside your bungalow. At breakfast, your guide greets you with warmth and excitement. Once breakfast is concluded, they will lead you on a full-day 4×4 tour. Travel into the center of the island in an open-air vehicle allowing the refreshing breeze to brush against your face.


Daylight 3: Moorea – Romance in Moore

At dawn, your guide can join you at breakfast. Once you have completed your meal, your guide will escort you to the harbor to board the ferry to Moorea. The water splashes against the hull of the boat, causing a soft mist to spray against the window panes. The water turns from indigo to metallic cobalt as you travel the ten miles around the French Austronesian island to arrive in Moorea. As you pass Cooks Bay, you’ll see a panoramic view of the clear blue water framed by the tropical jungle brush and staggering mountain ridges.


DAY 4: MOOREA Austronesian Cultural Village 

Polynesian dance show with a buffet meal. Feast on dishes, delicious barbecue treats, and a glass of punch. Travel to the Tiki Village Cultural Center. The Tiki Village is a testament to the ancient island. Wherever you wander from one fare (traditional bungalows with roofs manufactured from pandan leaves) to consequent and explore native accomplishments.


Day 5: Moorea – Sharing within the expertise

After breakfast, a journey to the Moorea Dolphin Center. A retired naval officer started the center with a team of veterinary surgeons and animal behaviorists. Now, locals and guests come to learn about ecology, atmosphere, and interaction between dolphins. The center has over twenty years of study. This experience allows you to look at the majestic animals up close in the water.


Day 6: Moorea – Scenery of the Volcanic Landscape

After breakfast, you meet your guide inside the hall, and then board the 4×4 vehicle for your excursion over the hills and valleys of Moorea. You go through jungle roads and see the highest peak of Magic Mountain.

You feel as though you are in a personal storybook of the island at the summit 685 feet above sea level. You get a panoramic view over the northern edges of Moorea. Close to the upper side of the circuit, your guide stops at works illustrious for rejuvenating juices and delicious liqueurs. Then off to explore the plantations of pineapple plants.


Day 7: Bora Bora – the dual Peaks of Bora Bora

At breakfast, fill up with a hearty pacific breakfast. Your guide will greet you at the building and escort you to the Moorea Airport for your short flight to the island of Bora Bora.

 Go down into the restful ambiance of your resort with a couple of spa treatments, enjoy a magnificent view of the tropical gardens and lustrous lagoon.


Day 8: Bora Bora – Sailing into the ocean

After breakfast, step onto a sailboat and venture along the Pacific to go to the gorgeous coral reefs around the island in search of colorful tropical fish and manta rays.

The boat glides over the mild water, causing spray to fly up into the breeze. Leap into the water and watch the many sea creatures and coral flow in the current. The rays grow to twenty-three feet wide and shimmer with black or blue hues. In the evening, travel to an exciting restaurant known for having the freshest seafood.


Day 9: Bora Bora – On the Roads of Bora Bora

After breakfast, you hop on your bicycles for a couple’s biking tour around the island, traveling the 10 square miles at your leisure for an extraordinary view of island life. The roads have beautiful views of the sapphire water on the horizon.


Day 10: Taha’a – personal Island Influence

After breakfast, your guide escorts you to the Bora Bora airport for your brief flight to Raiatea. As the plane descends, you discover lush jungles on the ground. The passing hills, mountains, and beaches, resulting in a tiny low manicured runway edged by water the color of precious gems. The tropical heat returns to the day.

You venture to the dock and board a personal boat bound for the island of Taha’a. Long, wiggly jetties lead from the sandy banks to the private bungalows on top of the water. Palm forest rises out of the low-lying landscape with views to the open sea and growing mountains of Raiatea within the space. The relaxed atmosphere creates harmony with the island and the water, permitting you to settle into the luxury of your resort effortlessly. Your home has an entrance down into the crystal-clear colors of the lagoon.


Day 11: Taha’a – good Island Morning

The water quietly laps at the posts of your overwater house this morning. The sapphire ocean sparkles with the returning morning sunlight. The sound ukulele hums against the rhythm of the water. A canoe arrives with a brilliant arrangement of fruits, juices, and a bunch of delicious breakfast dishes. The navigator continues to strum the ukulele as you are taking the colorful breakfast from the canoe for a beautiful meal on your deck. The remainder of the day is yours to enjoy island life and the comforts of your deluxe resort.


Day 12: Taha’a – A Pearl of the Pacific Ocean

After breakfast, you are led to the water to get into your snorkel mask and flippers and experience life of the sea. In the afternoon, you board a sailing boat to venture along the open water for a secluded sunset cruise.

Day 13 Lagoon Safari

Eat breakfast then head off to watch rays and sharks feeding in their natural environment from the hands of your local guide. You’ll have the unique opportunity to swim with these surprisingly gentle creatures. This half-day excursion requires a minimum of four people to operate. Available only to guests of Le Taha’a Resort and Spa. The rest of the day is for your leisure time. The Aloha Dinner is this night- join everyone to share the experience and say goodbye.

Day 14: Taha’a – Depart for home

Your boat meets you at the dock once breakfast is over and escorts you back to the island of Raiatea. Your guide will thank you for spending two weeks on a magical journey with them, and you will be dropped off at the airport in time to prepare for your flight home.