When a person dreams of Hawaii, most likely an image of O’ahu comes to mind. While it isn’t the largest island in the chain, it is the most densely populated. O’ahu is home to Honolulu, the capital of the state. It is also home some of the most iconic images of Hawaii such as Diamond Head, Waikiki, Honolulu, the Bonzai Pipeline, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. There is certainly enough to do on this one island alone. Our O’ahu day tours are designed to immerse you in the culture and beauty that surrounds this island. 

O'ahu Day Tours

  • Lanikai Pillbox Hiking/ Windward Side O’ahu day tour LEARN MORE
  • O’ahu day tour Kualoa Regional Beach Park LEARN MORE
  • North Shore O’ahu day tour History and Scenic Tour LEARN MORE
  • O’ahu day Sugar Tour LEARN MORE

Day Tours and Shore Excursions on O'ahu

Tours from Port to Pearl Harbor depart daily.

Learn about Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona.  Limited Seating.  

Contact us for a premiere tour of the base and various locations around the island.  

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Lanikai Pillbox Hiking / Windward Side

We will pick you up at your hotel or Airbnb. Start with a 3-hour moderate hike up to Kaiwa Ridge. The views of Mokulua Islands, Kailua Beach, and Lanikai Beach are absolutely stunning. The walk is steep uphill at first. The hike goes to a residential neighborhood where we will have the van waiting for you. We will head to Lanikai beach to enjoy lunch with a nearby food truck. These delicacies can be found all over Oahu. After a delicious local lunch plate, you will be guided toward kayaks. Here, the tour goes to Mokulua Islands. Kayak to Chinaman’s hat and go on a short hike to the top. This tour usually lasts about 7 hours. It can be slightly amended for Cruise Ship guests. 

What to bring:

  •  Sunscreen – Coral and Reef Safe only.
  •  Bug Spray.
  • Swim Clothes, Towels, and Extra Clothes
  • Hat/visor – even if it is overcast the tropical sun can be warm. 
Kualoa Regional Beach Park

Duration: 3- hours

Please Bring:

  • Beach clothes
  • Extra Changing Clothes
  • towels
  • Sunscreen Lotion / Skin Protection
  • Slippers/ Flip Flops
  • Water/ snacks will be provided as needed


Welcome to Kualoa Regional Park. This fun park is located at Kane’ohe Bay on the island of O’ahu. The park is 153 acres and sits across the road from the Pali-Ku Cliffs. This is a beautiful white sand beach that is about 1/3 mile offshore from Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat) There are often Honu or Green Sea Turtles as well.

Kualoa Park is the perfect Hawaiian beach. It seems virtually miles away from the hustle and disturbance of the big city. If you are looking for a soothing and relaxing spot, this is for you. The park has gorgeous white sand and a grassy area too. Find a place under a lovely tree or walk around soaking up the sights and the sounds. This park is sacred, and you can almost feel the ancient ones speaking as you wander around and contemplate those of old. Kualoa was a place of refuge in and sovereignty is days of old. It is still held sacred among most Kahuna’s. It is listed twice in the National Registry of Historic Places. This is a fantastic area and the opportunity to enjoy a little history while enjoying a little beach time.

North Shore History and Scenic Tour

The best of Oahu is arguably the North Shore. With epic waves and incredible lush landscape your knowledgeable local guide will help bring out the best of this beautiful coastline. This is a must see with powerful views that are not found anywhere else in the world. 

Driving over the Ko’olau Mountains you can see the ancient ridges and spines that have created beautiful valleys and stunning mountain vistas. Find yourself at the Valley of the Temples. The picturesque Byodo-In Temple sits conveniently against abundant green cliffs. Walk the temple grounds, hear stories about Buddha, ring the sacred bell for good luck, and feed the exquisite Koi. Sometimes just sitting and deep personal reflection brings out that one of a kind a-ha moment that puts life into perspective. Next take a ride along the shore and watch for impressive sites and even the rare Hawaiian monk seals. This is one of the most amazing scenic routes in Hawaii. You can jump the 30-foot plunge off the cliff side (for excellent swimmers). This wild and rugged coastline is blessed with excellent beaches and some of the best surfing in the world. 

Stop at one of the popular shrimp stands and enjoy a delicious lunch plate. Stop and enjoy two world-class beaches. One is popular due to the picturesque views of sunset and the other for the amazing world-class surfing. Winter waves are the strongest and often the Bonzai Pipeline is in full swing. After all of this, we bring you back to your hotel or Airbnb. 

This tour takes approximately 8 – 8 ½ hours. There are 3.5 hours of driving and the rest is easy to moderate walking. Bring you camera, sunscreen and a hat.

O'ahu Sugar Tour

Go back in time and discover when Sugar was King. Learn all about sugar in Hawaii on this adventure. Sample true paradise rum made from 100% Hawaiian sugarcane. Learn about renewable agribusiness and enjoy a fresh fire-roasted pizza.

We pick you up near the dock in Honolulu around 9:15 am and go to the Hawaiian Plantation Village. A recreated 1900s sugar plantation. After this tour, you head toward the Ko Hana Rum Distillery. Learn about the unique aquaculture there and how that they are preserving sugar cane and the environment. Enjoy delicious ham, pineapple, fire-roasted pizza, and rum tasting. You will receive a complimentary glass. 

We bring you back to the harbor in plenty of time to catch the cruise ship. This tour is approximately 5 – 5 ½ hours. Every member of the tour must have a picture ID and be over the age of 21.

Surfing O'ahu

 Aloha, come and join us on our surfing tour on the island of Oahu. We can help you learn and enjoy the sport at our two best locations on Oahu. 

Kalama Beach- 

Located in Kailua or the eastside of Oahu for first-timers, or a more relaxed surf. You can choose to swim here and soak up some amazing Hawaiian sun while you’re at it. 

Pounders Beach-

 Located on the North Shore. This beach is in the middle of the Bonzai Pipeline as most surfers recognize this name for its epic waves and intensity. These waves can get pretty big – we don’t call ’em pounders for nothing! 

Both beaches have beautiful white sand and plenty of place for the picnic lunch that is included. So join us for lunch and surfing on your next trip to Oahu. If you do not have a surfboard – let us know. We can have a rental available for you. 

This tour usually lasts 5 – 6 hours.


  • Surfing
  • Equipment
  • Lunch
  • Transportation

Please bring coral safe sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, extra clothes, and bathing suit.  

Windward Oahu Waterfall and Lookout Tour

Experience Oahu in this overland guided tour. We take the stress out of your travel by taking you to the most beautiful areas in Hawaii. As we say in Hawaii… relax, we got this – no worries. Just kick back and enjoy your stay. 

This tour is approximately 6 hours.

Please bring:

  • Water shoes
  • Bug Spray
  • Swimming shoes
  • Extra clothes

We start this tour at the “Pali Lookout.” It is the site of one of Hawaii’s most devastating battles. Hundreds of warriors died in 1795 as King Kamehameha  won the struggle that finally united Oahu under his rule. Next, enjoy a 2 ½ mile moderate hike to a somewhat remote waterfall called the Maunawili Falls. This beautiful escape boasts of varied vegetation which includes both sacred native plants and fun items to pick and eat. Watch for ti leaves, mountain apples, guava, koa and ohia trees can be seen from the trail. 

You may get your shoes a little muddy because you will be crossing over small streams and rain often visits this area overnight. This is a beautiful spot to see the Windward side of Kailua. After spending some time here, the local guide will take you to a delicious food truck and park to eat lunch. Another option is Auntie Helena’s kitchen for Hawaiian and local food.

Animal and Sea Life Day Tour

Animal-loving kids will enjoy our zoo and sea life Park tour. We will start by taking you and your children to experience Sea Life Park in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Although it is called the Sea Life Park, there is much more here than just ocean critters. Go from looking at the marine mammals that we’re all familiar with, and then enjoy the bird sanctuary. Your children can see sea life up close, watch them in the shows, and talk with trainers. 

There is a shark cave, a Green Sea Turtle exhibit, penguins, and more! This will be both fun and educational. Next, we will be heading to more animal encounters where they will not only be able to learn about the animals they are seeing, but they can touch them, too! And what better way to end this exciting adventure in Hawaii than by going to a local Shave Ice stand? Shave Ice (called snow cones on the mainland) is a visitor favorite treat and a refreshing way to cool off on a warm Hawaiian afternoon.


Tons of animals! There will be opportunities to touch some of the animals at the sea life park, and plenty more animals to observe. There are shows at the sea life park where you can see silly sea lions perform with the trainers, watch and learn how smart dolphins are, and even see stingrays being trained! We will get to enjoy the beautiful weather that Hawaii has to offer, see the breathtaking life that is in our oceans, and then end the day with a delicious treat!

Estimated time is 7 hours


9:00 – arrive at the Sea Life Park, enjoy it until 1:00

1:00 – depart for the zoo, about a 30-minute drive

1:30 – enjoy the zoo until about 3:20

3:20  – Leave zoo

3:30 – get some shave ice nearby

4:00 tour ends. 

We have various day tours throughout all the Hawaiian islands.