Fourteen Days



Journey Type

  • Airplane
  • Land
  • Boat


  • Go snorkeling and diving
  •  Stay in a bure
  •  Visit the islands
  •  Drive up the Nausori Highlands
  •  Go horse riding along the beach
  •  Visit a waterfall
  •  Get a Fijian spa treatment
  •  Drink fresh coconut water
  •  Visit a Fijian village
  •  Understand the local way of life.
  •  Partake in a kava ceremony
  •  Learn about Fiji’s pearls
  •  Visit an archaeological site in Sigatoka
  •  Hold an iguana
  •  Learn to Scuba Dive
  •  Robinson Crusoe Island Day & Night Tours

Points of Interest

  • Viti Levu
  • Denarau Island
  • Lautoka
  • Sri Shiva Subramaniya Swami Temple
  • Mamanuca Islands
  • Champagne Islands
  • Monuriki Island
  • Savusavu
  • J Hunter Pearl Farm
  • Nukubolu Village

Fiji is encircled by a reef, shallow lagoons and steep drop-offs that includes an incredible assortment of colorful soft corals, over 1,200 species of fish, and a dozen species of whales and dolphins. Thanks to this extraordinary maritime atmosphere, the country is considered one of the world’s best diving destinations. The Republic of Fiji offers numerous different activities: skin-diving excursions over shallow reefs, jet boating, white-water rafting, trekking within the tropical rainforests, cave tours, fishing, kayaking expeditions, and surfboarding or swimming within the crystal clear waters of a rushing river. The individuals of the Republic of Fiji are notable for their friendliness, and most of the country remains significantly untouched by the outside world.


 Day 1: Begin Savoring in Comfort

 Viti Levu is the largest of the Fijian islands, home to the country’s capital city and also the shimmering Coral Coast. The palm trees sway in the early morning breeze, and you discover the tropical aromas of coconut continuously present. Sand dunes line a part of the coast separating the water from the jungle trees. Tiger sharks swim gracefully and grandly within the depths of the Pacific Ocean waters. Your guide meets you at the airport, then begins to escort you around the markets and bustling streets of Nadi. You arrive at your luxurious resort on Denarau Island, an island under one square meter connected to Viti Levu. The pool sparkles pure cerulean with an infinity edge that makes the pool to touch the water. Comfy cabanas give shade on the far side of the big palm trees, and your area offers a sensational ocean view. You ease into the comforts of the resort and allow the pure bliss of the island to help you unwind.

Day 2: Leisure Exploration

The sunlight peeks over the eastern horizon, shining higher than the length of rainforest trees and exotic fringed palm leaves. At breakfast, fruits practically glow. Watermelons are bright red, and pineapples shine yellow, the bananas are creamy and rich. We begin our day after breakfast. We will experience the encircling wonders of Denarau Island and Viti Levu at a leisurely pace. Sugar cane plantations speckle the island around Lautoka. Lautoka is the second largest town in the state and is in the center of the sugarcane region. The sweet aroma drifts around the city as locals stand at street-side carts and grind loose fruit into a cool and refreshing drink. Foliage dangles over the wide streets. A picturesque promenade offers a pleasant stroll among local shops. Mount Evans lingers over the city borders reminding you of the boundaries of urbanization and therefore the exemplary great thing about untouched nature.

Day 3: Cultural Combination

The small waves brush against the golden shore, adding a delicate touch to the morning. Breakfast is full of the colors of a variety of exotic fruits, from the fading magenta layers of rambutan to the striking orange of papaya. After your meal, you’ll settle into a cabana and bask in the soft breeze poolside, or venture into Nadi and its busy streets. Sri Shiva Subramaniya Swami Temple, the largest Hindu temple outside of India, stands at the bottom of Main Street, quietly, however dramatically set apart from the energetic stores in the city. The building pops against the clear blue sky. Hindu deities carved from wood were brought from Asia to help decorate the temple. Frescoes line the gallery, draped across the walls and ceiling. The temple creates a culture separate from the South Pacific music and pictures you expected. Locals embrace the temple and also the culture, ingratiating itself into the Fijian culture behind kava ceremonies and a traditional mask.

 Day 4: Idyllic Islands

The nights are graced with the aromas of fresh seafood steamed in banana leaves and boiled in butter. The mornings are sweet with pomelo, a cross between a blood orange and a grapefruit that provides a refreshing citrus flavor. After breakfast, your guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and escort you to the harbor for your high-speed sailboat to the Mamanuca Islands. This trip ends up on a luxurious secluded resort located within the shade of the jungle with an incomparable view of the azure water. The beaches glisten with bleached white sand. Lush tropical forests carpet the high volcanic cone that edges the resort. Luxurious coral reefs sprout from the ocean floor and amplify within the crystal clear water. The island is a paradise, secluded from different islands, however close enough to view the rugged outlines of nearby archeological outcroppings.

 Day 5: Along the Reef’s Edge

The island is ethereal and paradisaical. The ocean air combines with the full tree line to form a unique tropical scent you can’t help but love. From your room, you’ll be able to hear the water lapping softly onto the beach. The day is yours to delight in the luxuries of your secluded island paradise. The sand is a pillow underfoot, perfectly warm on your skin with a slight saltiness from the water. Grab a snorkel, goggles, and float on top of the reef around the island for a more in-depth look. The romance of the reef glows under the wake. Over 1,200 species of fish live in or around the calcite deposits, not to mention over 350 differing types of onerous coral that comprise the reef. The water is temperate and welcoming, encompassing your body as you let the mild current move you back and forth. Eyestripe surgeonfish glide around the underwater forest with ease. They can grow up to twenty-one inches long. A yellow stripe flashes across their eye, and their tail radiates blue with a neon yellow outline.

Day 6: Trip to Remember

Beyond the perfect sandy fringes of your isolated island is more of the elegant paradise for you to explore. You can continue to wiggle your toes within the water or discover new adventures on the archipelago. You see a group standing close to an oversized, skinny palm high within the air. A local guide is attached to the trunk climbing towards the fronds. The guide uses the sides of his palms to stable himself before jumping upwards, catching the tree trunk along with his feet to climb higher. He reaches a green coconut, descends the tree, grabs a machete, and carves open the fruit, and the whole show took under five minutes. You taste the creamy, semi-sweet flavor of the pure coconut milk. The coconut itself is large, weighing up to three pounds. Individuals begin to play beach volleyball, kicking up sand and reveling in the pristine sunshine caressing their skin. Once you board the boat mid-afternoon, the wonders of the scenery are already apparent — the luxurious foliage bursts out of the azure waters to form a gorgeous contrast in color. The boat casts off, and the wind brushes your hair, delivering a brand new panorama to relish.

Day 7: Champagne Islands

In the morning, you’ll see folks stepping out into the water with paddle boats, embracing the mist and the breeze. Spend time appreciating the flavors of breakfast and also the soft sand. With the day at your pleasure, there are endless opportunities to explore or relax. You’ll be able to join an island-hopping cruise which will take you far away from your resort for the day to comb the beaches of the Sacred Islands. The sailboat sets out on the turquoise waters. North of your resort, you come back to the vital islands thought to be the first of the Fijian lands to rise out of the seas around two thousand years ago. The uninhabited islands are enclosed by reefs and shiny with foliage. Your guide tells you tales of the islands, telling stories regarding ghosts and warriors. After you walk through the island center, you’ll be able to see remnants of Fijian ancestry, evidence of their lives and areas where they cooked. The landscape is intense in both its toughness and sweetness. 

Day 8: Depths of Wonder

A glass-bottom boat takes guests out to the reef, showing people who like the solid ground the open water and the wonders of the world below. After breakfast, you’ll be able to embark onto the glassy boat to look at the reef or venture deeper into the water on a scuba diving excursion. With over forty dive sites to explore, no two experiences will ever be the same. You put on the tight wetsuit and jump into the water at the dive site. You follow your guide into the depths of the ocean, looking at the hard coral protruding from the rising side of the reef in fan-like displays. Turtles soar through the water and let you admire their grace. The Fijian island is home to five of the seven species of marine turtle. The hawksbill turtle weighs around 150 pounds with a pointed beak. They flap their fins and float through the waters around the reefs. There’s no mistaking the wonderful pleasures of Fiji’s natural wonders.

Day 9: Relaxing Together

Few things are more soothing than the sound of smooth water brushing against an idyllic beach. After breakfast, the day is yours to enjoy your surroundings. The forest canopy hides walking trails, but your guide can provide you with a tour through the forest. After your day of adventure in the jungle, nothing is better than sitting at the poolside cabanas. Perhaps you and your partner can travel down to the spa for a massage. A thatched roof covers the open gazebo where you discover two massage beds waiting. The breeze rustles through the opening giving a soothing brush against your skin. The clear water shifts from azure to sapphire along the horizon. The wood is an organic look against the background of beautiful landscape and shoreline. You smell the sweet fragrance of coconut as the masseuse begins to relax your muscles. You drift off to sleep as the breeze kisses your skin and calms your mind.

Day 10: Cast Away

The morning casts a shimmer across the crystalline waters reaching up to your room. Enjoy more fresh, local produce at breakfast. Today is your final day on the island. Next, we travel to Monuriki, the island that Tom Hanks found himself stranded on during the film Castaway. Emerald flora sprout from the soil and overtakes the rugged cliffs. The island is less than a hundred acres and reaches a height of 584 feet. The uninhabited island is additionally home to the vulnerable Fiji Crested iguana. A reef surrounds the beaches, adorned with igneous rock and deep lagoons. The iguana can grow to a length of thirty inches, with flashes of white stripes across its fluorescent green skin. They hide from the sun in the shade or sunbathe on the rocks in cooler weather. The island permits you to explore as a couple, seeking out a journey on a close-by landscape, or you can return to your resort to enjoy the remainder of the day.

Day 11: A Stroll in the Rain(forest)

A seawall ventures out into the calm waters, adding a touch of seclusion to your resort. The tranquil landscape surrounds your room, from rising palm trees to the stoic waters. After breakfast, you venture out of the resort and into the rainforest reserve, home to nearly three hundred acres of protected land. Yaka and Kuasi trees add durable timber to the scenery. Trails stray around the foliage and open up to exceptional views of the rolling mountains. You’ll be able to venture high enough into the sky to see the clouds meet up with the trees. Streams meander through the forest grounds and tumble into sensational waterfalls. The vulnerable Fijian ground frog hides within the jungle undergrowth. Although it was once thought extinct, the population carries on.

Day 12: Trailing the South Pacific

The natural splendor around Savusavu reaches from the rainforest to the reef, shimmering with emerald trees and pastel coral. Today you are free to enjoy the various activities around the island, from lounging poolside to SCUBA diving minutes away from the marina. The J Hunter Pearl Farm takes you out into the glassy waters around the island to witness the different stages of pearl oysters stretching out across 660 feet of line. Once aboard the boat, you welcome the cool, flowing breeze. The water mists into the air, supplying a semi-sweet fragrance around your tour. See beneath the water on a glass-bottom boat or dip into the temperate waters to snorkel around the oyster farm. The farmers check on the oysters daily to ensure the health of each oyster on the farm. In the spring and autumn, the oysters are harvested for pearls.

Day 13: Regarding Relaxation

The kids are up and eager to join the fun at the children’s program once more. At breakfast, they fill you in on all the activities they have done, from making traditional art to snorkeling around exuberant fish. The kids eat rambutans like candy, and you are happy to see them eat fruit with such enthusiasm. The kids run off to join their new friends, and you spend the day at your leisure, indulging in the luxuries of the island. Four-wheel drive around the island and visit Nukubolu village situated in the mountains, or you could grab the kids and venture on a dolphin encounter.

Your guide will meet you at the hotel and take you to a secluded marina across the island. A small boat awaits you, wading in the serene water. Your skipper takes you out to the deep water where pods of dolphins are known to play.

Day 14: A Closer Farewell

At breakfast, the family enjoys their final meal, filling their plates with the exotic fruits found fresh across the island. The kids do their best dolphin impressions from yesterday’s excursion, reenacting the twists and turns, along with the playful sounds that emanated from the waters. After your meal, you will return to Viti Levu for your flight home. You have traversed rainforests and mountains, traveled across pristine waters and slid down waterfalls. As you make your way home, you know this is a vacation that you will never forget.