Aloha! Visit Hawaii for a multi-day & multi-island adventure.
Custom, private & public excursions available for all the major islands, so set a date.  Going to more than one island has its advantages, but custom tours can be created for your unique Hawaiian Vacay!


Welcome to Samoa. The beautiful Treasured Islands of the Pacific. Choose a custom or package vacation for the adventure of a lifetime. Travel at your own pace, with ALL Inclusive amenities provided for a hassle-free bucket list vacation.


G’day mate!  Australia is home to so many natural wonders, that you could spend a lifetime here without reaching them all.  So, here is a very limited list of things we offer in this amazing Island Country.

  • Uluru Rock
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Major Cities
  • Australia Zoo (yes Steve would be proud)


More than 300 islands create the country of Fiji. With pristine waters, white sandy beaches, and coconut and other tropical trees lining them – it seems paradise has been found. Create a custom-made tour or choose a premade one most of the excursions and activities included in this getaway. Holidays are made for relaxing, so create yours and enjoy a hassle-free Holiday.

New Zealand

 Kia ora, haere mai. (Hello & Welcome) New Zealand has such beautiful mountain passes and fjords; it is another must-see in the pacific. Find adventure here in the wop-wops (out in the backcountry) or even a tiki tour (scenic route) you can enjoy a taste of Kiwi Culture.