All of our Kona tours specify how long they take. Most can be arranged to accommodate port-of-call guests as well. (Just let your salesperson know your time constraints.) We will be happy to adjust your trip to meet your schedules.  Our tours include the activities and lunch.  

Welcome to Kona, the drier side of the island. It has warm windswept grasslands that border beautiful white and black sand beaches.  Enjoy the day in this tropical oasis and learn about the ancient people that call Kona home. 

Kailua Kona Day Tours

Aquatic Tour

Learn about Octopus farming from a cephalopod aquaculture research facility. Then, spend the rest of the day exploring one of Kona’s incredible white sand beaches and tide pools. It’s an excellent place for surfing, snorkeling, or just relaxing in the sun.

Spend the day enjoying Kona and Kailua Pier. Be whisked away to the Octopus farm, Kanaloa. Learn about these amazing creatures. Watch as they play with toys and interact. They will describe sustainability and eco-farming to reduce dependence and harm to the ocean. After this, you will be taken to a beach for swimming and snorkeling. Here your lunch will be ordered and brought to you. You can enjoy the rest of the day in the warm, Kona sunshine.

6 Hours


  • Kanaloa Aquatic Octopus Farm
  • Kona Beach
  • Lunch Included

Living History Coffee Farm and City of Refuge (All-Day Guest)

• Learn about Kamehameha the Great
• Living History Coffee Farm
• Snorkel near the spot that Captain Cook arrived on the Islands
• Heiau and St. Benedicts Painted Church
• City of Refuge and hear stories about the beautiful place that is not on the National Park Pamphlets.
• We provide snorkeling gear & towels.
• Lunch included

We pick you up at the hotel or airport. First stop at the pier. This is the area that King Kamehameha made the capital after reuniting the islands. Heading South, learn about the history of coffee and the farm that has been preserved for several generations. Afterward, you will have some delicious fish and chips (there are vegetarian and burger choices available). Next, enjoy the views and history of St. Benedicts Painted Catholic Church. Continue on towards the mountain to the iconic Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Park. Here your guide will escort you and add viable information and stories that the park does not offer. Enjoy the rich Hawaiian culture and walk where ancient ali’i (royalty) did.

End this picture-perfect day at a beautiful beach park and snorkel the blue waters where Captain Cook first landed. Visit the Hikiau Heiau that was built before Kamehameha the Great’s time. Learn the real story of Captain Cook and the surrounding events. This day has moderate walking as the City of Refuge and Napo’opo’o have uneven trails. Basic snorkels and towels will be provided.

This land adventure is approximately 8 ½ hours. Lunch and activities included.

Keiki and Ice-Cream Tour

Sea Horse Adventure

Image from Kona seahorse farm an  Ocean Rider Inc. Company.  

  • Sea Horse Farm
  • Scavenger Hunt @ the Beach
  • Watch Turtle, Crab and sometimes Hawaiian Seal
  • Lunch is included
  • Enjoy a complimentary ice-cream at Shaka Cone

Enjoy a fun day learning about Seahorses. Explore 20 endangered species from Hawaii to Australia. Learn about conservation efforts for these animals and even get to touch them. From here, enjoy a delicious lunch at an outside park (vegetarian options available). The children will be able to participate in a Scavenger hunt. Your Guide will take the group around the beautiful park to see wildlife. Sea Turtles, Seals, Crabs, Aukeuke, Opihi and more can usually be found here. Afterward, get ice-cream and Shave Ice. We will bring the group back to your hotel. 

The tour is approximately 5 ½ hours long. Drive time is about an hour.

Please note that there must be a responsible adult that accompany the children.  Signed consent forms must be filled out by parent or legal guardian beforehand. 

Surfing Tour for Big Island of Hawaii (also available in Hilo)

Aloha, come and join us on our surfing tour here on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you’re an experienced surfer or not, we can help you to learn and enjoy the experience. We can take you to two of our most popular surfing beaches: 

Hapuna in Kona – This beach has beautiful white sand with lots of room to swim, surf, and suntan. Try surfing, boogie boarding, or sit back and enjoy the natural, peaceful sounds of the ocean. It is ideal for the first time surfer or the more advanced. There is also a lifeguard on duty.  

Punalu’u in Ka’u – Another incredible option (or you can spend longer and do both) is the beautiful black sands of Punalu’u. Located on the southeastern part of the Big Island it is ideal for nature lovers as well as surfers. The waves tend to be a little more prominent here, but the sea turtles are more abundant in this bay. 

Usually, this tour goes to one location as it lasts about 6 hours. If you are on a shore excursion from Kona, we recommend Hapuna Beach.  

Kona Teen Tour

Tour is about 5 – 6 hours long.  Every minor must have written consent from a parent or guardian if the guardian/parent is not with them on the tour.  An adult must accompany children under 11.

Your teenager (or the teenager in you) will love this fun outing. Enjoy the warm tropical waters of Kona while paddle-boarding, kayaking or snorkeling. (or try all three) 


  • Lifeguard on duty
  • Paddle boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkel Equipment Available
  • Hiking
  • Hot Lunch Included
  • Malasada Included (As Available)

We will pick you up in Waikoloa.  (If you need to be picked up in Kailua it will add almost one full hour to the tour.) Then, drive the majestic desert coast in Kona and South Kohala. Enjoy a fun day exploring one of the Big Island’s magnificent bays. There will be paddleboards, snorkels, and a kayak for enjoyment.  Often you can find sea turtles swimming in the reef. On the way back to the hotel(s) stop and enjoy a hot malasada. (Portuguese Doughnut). 

This activity is for ages 11 and up without an adult.  

Kona Kahiko Ho’oholoholo Kahakai Old Kona Shore Excursion

Enjoy your shore excursion with a variety of adventures that help showcase Hawaii’s diverse cultures. Pick up at the Kona Pier in the heart of Kailua. Be whisked away to Puuhonua O Honaunau, Take a step back in time and explore ancient Hawaiian traditions and laws, known as Kapu. As you take the tour, your guide will regale stories and lore from these early times. After visiting sites such as the ancient loko iʻa and heiau’s, take a short hike up the hill for St. Benedicts Painted Church. On Fridays and Saturdays, the local community garden is busy with families as the farmers sell their exotic wares. Learn about the history behind the Painted Church, the location, and even why the priest hand-painted all the brightly colored bible scenes. 

Next, you will be escorted to a rare treat called the Kuamo’o Burial Site.  Learn how that the most massive battle that raged between the Hawaiian people who fought here.  The epic battle between the Kapu kahiko and the ʻano hou Christianity.  Learn from the ancients where cousin fought against cousin, but Aloha finally won.  

Southern Most Point and Ka Lae Heiau Tour

Travel through various Big Island terrain while driving past the slopes of Mauna Loa. This stunning area is as diverse as it is beautiful. Take the tour of a lifetime and find yourself staring at sea cliffs that seem to go on for miles. For the adventurous individuals, take the Ka’u plunge, a 40 feet dive into
the crystal blue ocean. Take a short hike to the real Southernmost point of the United States and where an ancient fishing heiau stands. Afterward, find yourself in the village of Naalehu. Have a delicious sandwich from the Punalu’u Bakeshop. The teri burgers are ono (yummy).  Later, we take you back to Kailua-Kona.


  •  Ka Lae Fishing Heiau
  •  South Point cliff diving (for the adventurous
    individuals) The Ka’u Plunge
  •  Scenic points and amazing panoramic views
  •  Lunch at Punalu’u Bake Shop (can’t go without
  •  Naalehu Village

Royal Pu’ukohola Heiau, Mailekini Heiau, e' Pelekane Kahakai. Visit two sacred temples and a very special beach


  • Visit a real human and animal sacrifice heiau built by Kamehameha the great
  • Swim at one of Kona’s beautiful and protected bays known to be a Royal Beach.  
  • Learn about the lesser-known Mailekini Heiau that is named after the Mano that guards it. 
  • Hike around the beautiful area
  • Shave ice Included at Big Island Shave Ice Company


Walk in the footsteps of Hawaii’s most revered king. Learn how the rocks from over 20 miles away were hand-carried to build this heiau. Hawaii’s most significant elders prophesied about the coming of a man who would unite the islands to one Kingdom. Hike to the bay and watch shark pass over the original temple that is now underwater, or swim in the next bay and enjoy the Kona sunshine. 

Drive through the Kailua-Kona area past Waikoloa to Pelekane Kahakai (The Royal Beach), Pu’ukohola Heiau and Mailekini Heiau. Drive time is approximately 2 hours. The activity level is light to moderate. We will be in the area for 2 hours. You can hike or swim. We will provide extra towels when needed. Our guides have a ton of information about the area and can guide you through this unique Luakini Heiau. There are two separate temples to learn about.  Both have intriguing pasts.  So immerse yourself into Hawaiiana and enjoy a Royal treat. Afterwards, if the shave ice truck is there, we can indulge in another Hawaiian specialty with Big Island Shave ice.  


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