The island of Kaua'i

Kaua’i is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands and the fourth largest. It is also known as the “Garden Isle,” due to dense, tropical rainforest that covers most of the island. Kaua’i is famous for the Na Pali Coast that features dramatic pali (or sea cliffs) cut by sweeping valleys. The coast is in many acclaimed Hollywood films for its striking beauty. The island is home to the “Grand Canyon of Hawai’i” or Waimea Canyon State Park, a 3,000 foot gorge on the west side. Popular activities among the locals include hiking, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beach.

Kaua'i Day Tours

Kaua'i Day Tour - Kayak & Snorkel with Lunch

Spend a fun day snorkeling in the iconic Hanalei Bay and River. Watch for tropical fish & sea turtles as you swim and play in one of the world’s most beautiful places. Relaxing is simple with our hassle-free and all-Inclusive luxuries. Enjoy a day full of exploration and scenic views during a Hanalei Kayak and Snorkeling tour along the Hanalei River and in Hanalei Bay. Get an up-close look at the unique reef fish of the Bay Reef Lagoon.  Visit the Makana Peak, also known as “Bali Hai.” Create memories, enjoy a fantastic snorkel experience in the breathtaking turquoise waters, mingle with the tropical fish, and learn about the different fauna and flora located in the surrounding areas.

Taste of Kaua'i Day Tour

We will pick you up from your hotel or port. Once we arrive at the garden, a passionate volunteer will greet you and give an introduction to the tour.  Begin your walk through the beautiful grounds. Everywhere you look, there are unique plants that look like they’re from another world.  We will stop throughout the tour for photo opportunities and taste some fresh fruit from the garden.  You will see the beehives that volunteers care for and sample some honey. You will learn about the various plant life such as the “canoe” plants and why they were so important. At the end of the walk through the grounds, you will have an instruction demo about chocolate.  You will learn about the process of how it grows, what the difference between milk and dark chocolate, and the process of turning it from a cacao bean into a chocolate bar.  
Afterward, you get to taste a selection of chocolates from around the world.  When you’re finished, you’ll have the option to look through the gift shop for handmade local crafts and admire the local goods.  After we finish at the botanical garden, we will go on a short drive to the nearby Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and lighthouse.  Here, you can see a vast array of different seabirds, including red and blue-footed boobies, albatross (in the winter) and possibly Nene.  In the winter, you have a chance to see whales off the coast as well.  Once we finish at the lighthouse, we will drop you back off at the same point that we picked you up.  The chocolate tour is the highlight of many of our guests’ trips to Kauai.


Enjoy delicious hand-crafted chocolate after walking through a lush botanical garden. Learn how chocolate is made from cacao and see various stages of cacao growth. Your guide will walk you through the incredible garden, tell a history of the area, give information about the plants, and impart knowledge of how the plants are used today.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Wonders of the Water Day Tour

Today we will experience all the wonders that the waters of Kaua’i hold. We will begin the day by picking you up from your hotel or port.  We will drive to the stunning Wailua Falls. These waterfalls plunge over 80 feet to land in a pool down below. After we finish here, we will take a short drive to the nearby Opaekaa Falls. Opaekaa Falls means “Rolling Shrimp,” and it got its name when shrimp were plentiful in the rivers. The shrimp would be tossed about by the current of the water and thus, “rolling.” This waterfall is 151 feet tall, nearly double the height of Wailua Falls. There are picnic tables and public restrooms nearby.
Next, we will go to Smith’s Fern Grotto.This trip is a 2-mile tour up one of the most beautiful rivers on earth, the Wailua River. During the boat ride, you will be treated to stories of mythology, learn about ancient Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses, and ancient history. There is a short walk through the jungle to the far end of the grotto, where you can take pictures in this incredible garden. There, you will hear more stories and history about the grotto. The boats will bring us back to where we arrived.  
We will drive to Wailua River State Park. Here, we will enjoy a picnic lunch from a local restaurant. Enjoy kalua pork, fresh fish, or other local delicacy and relax in the park. After we finish our picnic lunch, we will drop you back off the same location where we picked you up.


  • Wailua Falls
  • Opaekaa Falls
  • Fern Grotto Boat Tour
  • Picnic in the park


  • Travel to each location
  • Admission to the Fern Grotto
  • Lunch