All of our Hilo tours specify how long they take. Most of our tours can be arranged to accommodate Port-of-call guests as well. Just let your salesperson know your time constraints. We will be happy to adjust your trip to meet your schedules.  Our Hilo tours include the activities and lunch.

The island of Hawai’i is the largest of all the Hawaiian Islands. With 8 of the 13 world ecosystems on this one island, there is a lot to discover. The waterfalls in the lush rain forest are almost always running strong. The views of Ka’u are breathtaking. You can visit black, white, and green sand beaches. The Hilo side of the island is covered in dense foliage due to the heavy amount of rain. The rain also produces delicious fresh fruit that the locals love to share.   

Jump at the end of the world. Ka'u 2018

Hilo Day Tours

  • Hilo Culture, Legends, & More Day Tour great for Cruise Ships (Hawaii)  LEARN MORE
  • Hilo Teen Tour LEARN MORE
  • Pele’s Creation 2018 Lava Flow. (Day tour from Hilo  to Puna LEARN MORE
  • Big Island Surfing (full-day) LEARN MORE
  • Legends of the Waterfalls and Volcano Shore Excursion LEARN MORE
  • Legends of the Waterfalls and Volcano Full-Day Tour LEARN MORE
  • Downtown Hilo Bike and Historical Adventure Tour LEARN MORE
  • Keiki & Ice-cream LEARN MORE
  • Remaking of Old Hawaii (Hawaiian Cultural Center) LEARN MORE
  • Old Hawaii Railroad and Sugar Tour LEARN MORE

Hilo & Volcano Hiking Tour (Big Island Hiking Tour)


  • Kalapana black sands beach
  • Kaumana Caves
  • Hamakua Coast
  • Saddle Road
  • 2018 Fissure 8
  • Lunch Included

The most powerful force in Hawaii is our volcano, Kilauea. Mount Kilauea’s lava flows date all the way back to 1881.  Enjoy this historical adventure from Pacific Horizon.  We generally start this tour in Kailua Kona.  We will pick you up from any of the Kailua or Waikoloa hotels. 

Explore the Big Island on this extended tour with a guide who will help you explore the geology and history of this incredible island.  This is a full day of hiking and climbing over lava rock and rough surfaces. 

13 1/2 approximate hours from Kona.  

Hilo Legends of the Gods Day Tour Great for Cruise Ships

Enjoy the day in Hilo, visiting various important historical and cultural stops.  This adventure is for those who love history and enjoy immersing themselves in culture.  Hilo is a significant area in the islands and was known to be a favorite surf spot for King Kamehameha.  Today, try a local favorite along the bayfront and enjoy a delicious shave ice.  Learn about the Naha Stone (weighing 3 tons) and how Kamehameha overturned it.   View Waianuenue and  Le’ele’eke heleleʻi.  We will also drive to the bridge that looks over Le’ele’eke heleleʻi for a panoramic view of the waterfall and lush green landscapes.  On good days, the sight of Hilo at this angle is fantastic.  From here we will venture off to the Kaumana Caves.  Here you can explore one of the many Lava Tubes on the island.  This one has a metal ladder, and we will provide the flashlight(s) for you.  This lava tube was created in 1881 in a lava flow from Mauna Loa Before we take you back to the port, we bring you to Moku Ola Heiau and Liliuokalani Gardens.  Drive time estimated at 2 hours.  The entire tour is approximately 6 hours.  Shave Ice is included. 


  • Hilo Bayfront with Shave ice
  • Learn about Kamehameha the Great and the story of the massive Naha Stone
  • Enjoy Wailoa State Park and have a picnic from a favorite local restaurant. (add on)
  • Waianuenue falls
  • Le’ele’eke Helele’i
  • Moku Ola Heiau and Pu’uhonua

Hilo Teen Tour

On vacation with teens?  Look no further.  Pacific Horizon has the perfect solution.  Let your teens go on a zipline and ocean adventure.  Starting at any Hilo hotel, we will drive the scenic routes to Skyline Eco-Adventures Zipline. Enjoy 2 ½ hours of zipline fun through Hawaii’s lush landscape. Zip over several waterfalls and mountain escapes. Afterward, drive back to Hilo and enjoy the serene beach. Explore the seawall while swimming and diving in the area.  Watch for Sea Turtle, A’ama Crab and much more. There is a lifeguard on duty.  There will be a picnic lunch available. 

Drive time is about 1 hour, and the entire tour takes about 7 hours. (It can be shortened if needed.)


  • Zipline 3.5 hours with a company that exceeds safety standards
  • Visit a semi secluded area with sea turtle and other Hawaiian wildlife.
  • Lunch is included
  • Lifeguard on duty

Pele's Creation

2018 Lava Flow.  Day tour from Hilo to Puna

This remarkable experience takes you through Puna and various spots along the coast. We pick you up at the docks or your hotel in Hilo and drive to the district of Puna, where you will see the most active volcano in the world, Mount Kilauea. With unique stops along the highway and a chance to learn about the Star of the Sea church.  From there, visit the new Kalapana village and listen to an account of how it was destroyed by Kilauea. We will drive along the coast and the old Hawaiian trail called the “Kings Highway” and through the new lava flow. You can see fissure 8 at a distance and the damage from the powerful lava flow. From the eruption there were 24 fissures; fissure 8 had 26,000 gallons of lava flowing per second at its peak. 

Next is Pohoiki, a local hangout and surf spot. The newly formed black sand beach is the pride of Puna. Our next stop is Leilani Estates, a neighborhood ravaged by the eruption. There are two main spots where you can see how the lava reached the ocean. Then off to the quaint plantation village of Pahoa to a local restaurant. While here, explore some of the old shops. On the way back to Hilo, we can visit the Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Farms and gift shop.

As time permits, we may also visit Coconut Island, Liliuokalani Gardens, and Banyan Drive. This is a wonderful and one of a kind Hawaiian experience.
Total time: 6 – 7 hours 

Driving: 3 Hours.


  • Kalapana Subdivision and Kaimu Beach
  • Fissure 8
  • Pahoa Plantation Village
  • Mauna Loa MacNut Farms
  • Coconut Island
  • Liliuokalani Gardens
  • Banyan Drive

Total Time is 6 – 7 hours Intermittent driving of 3 hours.

Big Island Surfing (full day)

Punalu’u in Ka’u – Another incredible option (or you can spend longer and do both) is the beautiful black sands of Punalu’u. Located on the southeastern part of the Big Island it is ideal for nature lovers as well as surfers. The waves tend to be a little more prominent here, but the sea turtles are more abundant in this bay. Usually, this tour goes to one location as it lasts about 6 hours. If you are on a shore excursion from Kona, we recommend Hapuna Beach.  

Aloha, come and join us on our surfing tour here on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you’re an experienced surfer or not, we can help you to learn and enjoy the experience. We can take you to two of our most popular surfing beaches: 

Hapuna in Kona – This beach has beautiful white sand with lots of room to swim, surf, and suntan. Try surfing, boogie boarding, or sit back and enjoy the natural, peaceful sounds of the ocean. It is ideal for the first time surfer or the more advanced. There is also a lifeguard on duty.  

Legends of the Waterfalls and Volcano Shore Excursion (Hilo, Hawaii)

Experience and learn why Hilo was one of the favorite places for Kamehameha the Great. Take a dip in the ocean, explore a tide pool, and enjoy the views of Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots. Eat local food and visit Volcano National Park.

After pick up we start at 4-mile beach. Enjoy some of these fascinating inlets that are beloved by locals and tourists alike. With black and white sand contrasting against the lush green flora, these areas are sacred and treasured. Often see turtles are seen resting on the black rock or popping their heads up for air. After, we head towards Rainbow Falls. The falls are most active after rain, and the mist often creates a beautiful rainbow (Waianuenue).
From this point, the tour goes toward Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We stop in Volcano Village for a light lunch. (Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly.) Finally, spend the rest of the day learning and visiting many geological wonders of the park. This is home to Kilauea Volcano, the most active volcano in the world. If there is time, you can enjoy a short well-paved hike. On your way back to Hilo Port, we stop at Akatsuka Orchid Gardens. Enjoy a short walk through all the stunning orchids and plants. There are a lot of unique and locally made souvenirs that help support many local artists. We take you back to the port.

Please allow the driver plenty of time to get you back in time. If you need to be back early, please let us know as soon as possible.

 (There is a small amount of hiking required for this tour.Those with lung issues may want to try another tour. The fumes from the volcano may irritate those with COPD or Asthma.)

The tour is approximately 4 – 5 hours.

Legends of the Waterfalls & Volcano Full-Day Tour (Hilo, Hawaii)


  • Snorkeling at Richardson’s
  • Waterfalls of Hilo
  • Hilo Town
  • Local food
  • Hawaii Volcano National Parks
  •  Akatsuka Orchid Gardens

(There is a small amount of hiking required for this tour.Those with lung issues may want to try another tour. The fumes from the volcano may irritate those with COPD or Asthma.)

Start your journey in Hilo; we pick you up and take you to Richardson Ocean Park. This beautiful park boasts of black sand and tide pools.  The tide pools usually create very calm water. Often, sea turtles are resting and playing in the water. This area does have a conservation area, so marine life is often varied. Depending on the weather, spend time snorkeling in the ponds or hike around the area and enjoy the views of Hilo Bay.

Venture through historic Hilo to Rainbow Falls. The falls are most active after rain, and the mist often creates a beautiful rainbow (Waianuenue). From here venture further up the mountain and discover the ancient place where Kuna the God Lizard tried to destroy Hina. Boiling Pots of Hilo is a series of small pools that cascades through the Wailuku river. During heavy rain, the pots appear to be boiling (due to underground lava tubes), hence the name Boiling Pots.  

After visiting Boiling Pots, we will go back to Verna’s, a drive-in that serves unique local cuisine. Afterward, the tour takes a turn towards the harsh lava landscapes and geological wonders of Hawaii National Parks. Stopping at various sites, including the Kilauea Visitor and art gallery. Finish this tour at the Kurtistown Restaurant, an iconic lodge built in 1846 with native grass and Ohia wood poles. Afterward, visit the Akatsuka Orchid Gardens for unique and locally made souvenirs.

We bring you back to your hotel. This is a 10-hour tour.

Keiki and Ice Cream Tour

Start your day off at 9:00 am with a pick-up from hotel or port and head to the Pana’ewa Zoo. This zoo was just voted the best zoo in Hawaii and its easy to see why- there are so many different animals for you and your little ones to see. From tigers and alligators to lemurs and emus, the zoo is sure to excite the whole family. 

After we’re through at the zoo, we will head back into town for some authentic Hawaiian food from Hawaiian Style Cafe. Next, we go to a local favorite beach spot. The water here is really shallow, making it perfect for the little Keiki’s to play around. The beach park has lots of gazebos to sit under and stay out of the sun if you desire to do so.  While here, we’ll get ice cream from Enzo’s ice cream truck. We’ll wrap up the tour at about 1:00 and drop you back off.

What to bring:

Our tours are all-inclusive. The only thing that we don’t provide is souvenirs. If you think you’ll want to purchase some souvenirs you will need to bring money. Other then that, bring plenty of sunscreen as well as bug spray.Sunglasses, hats, and towels for the beach.

Old Hawaii Railroad and Sugar Tour

Join us on a journey to recreate Old Hawaii. In the old days, the ohana (family) was overseen by the elders. They were the ones that raised the children while the adults worked. The grandparents were the lifeline of the family and villages. Through generations, we have replaced this with the western traditions of putting the elders aside. Because of this, the family and Hawaiian people have suffered.

On our journey to remake Hawaii, we are building a center so that our grandparents can tell you stories and pass this information to everyone. In this village, you will have a chance to see old-style tools being made and used for farming and pounding taro. You can choose to get your hands a little dirty and plant indigenous  Hawaiian plants or choose to help build tools. Learn about what is being grown and what it was used for. Take a look at the music area. Here there are traditional Uli’Uli’, Ipu, Pū’ili, and many other Hawaiian instruments. Learn some hula, or listen to some chanting and singing. Finally, a favorite spot is the fishing hale. In this area, you can learn how to tie a fishhook or fix fishing net. There is much to discover, join us for a rare adventure to Old Hawaii.  

*** Makahiki – was a traditional time for peace and rest for all Hawaiians.


  • Traditional Makahiki Games taught by local school children
  • Traditional Music by Hawaiian wahine (women)
  • Hear stories told by Hawaiian grandparents about Hawaii
  •  See, touch, and hear traditional music instruments
  • Listen to music (live) and watch hula presentations
  • Make tools for the center
  • Plant Kalo (taro) or U’ala (Sweet Potato)
  • Be a part of bringing back Hawaii and preserving Hawaiian Culture for generations to come.

Remaking of Old Hawaii (Hawaiian Cultural Center Hilo)

We will drive up the East coast of the island, which used to be covered in sugarcane plantations.  You will have a chance to see waterfalls, lush rainforest, and enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie near the ocean. We will stop for pictures along the way at several scenic spots overlooking the bay of Hilo. Once we arrive in Laupahoehoe, we will get out, and you can enjoy the beautiful view that this point has to offer. 

The guide will teach you the history of this point and why it is so significant.  (This area can be hazardous in inclement weather.  If it is stormy, we will enjoy our lunch at the cute shack where we got it.)  On the return trip from Laupahoehoe, we will stop at Akaka Falls State Park and walk the loop.  It is a half-mile walk on a paved trail, with handrails along the way.  There is a place to stop and look at Akaka Falls, as well as take pictures.  Akaka Falls is a 442-foot waterfall that you will not want to miss.  After Akaka falls, if there is time, your guide will take you to one of the beaches near the port so you can dip your feet in the water, swim, or just relax under a shady tree.  

*There is a botanical garden along the way that offers self-guided tours as well.  It is incredibly gorgeous and offers amazing views of the ocean that you can’t get anywhere else.  The garden teaches you the history of the area, local folklore, and has an impressive collection of orchids.  It is a wonderful way to see the stunning flora that grows on this island. * 


  • 2 amazing scenic routes along the old railroad trail.
  • Stop at an Old Sugar Mill for beautiful sites and pictures
  • Train museum 
  • Hawaii Botanical Gardens
  • Laupoehoe Point and Park
  • Waterfalls
  • Lunch Included

Total drive time: Approximately 2 hours

Tour length: 5 hours

Pick up at the port (for our cruise ship guests) or any of the hotels in Hilo.

What to wear:  Comfortable clothes and shoes that you can walk in.  The walk at Akaka falls isn’t a hike by any means, but the path can be slippery if it has been raining.  If you would like to swim afterward (time permitting), you can wear or bring your swimwear.

What’s included: Lunch and entry to Akaka State Park. Admission to the Botanical Garden will also be included if you choose that option.  

*If you are joining us from a cruise ship and would like to do the Botanical Garden Tour, this will take the place of driving up to Laupahoehoe. *