• Visit Mo’onui Niho (Dragon’s Teeth) for an amazing Coastal View.
  • Learn about the burial site
  • Stop at the Nakalele Blowhole and Heart Rock
  • Snacks and bottled water
  • Tons of camera-ready shoreline to be explored on West Maui.


Approximately 7 hours


$223.50 per person

Pick up

Pick up from port, airport or surrounding hotels from 8 am to 11 am.

Tour Features

Get ready for an epic battle between you and the mo’onui (dragon) of the island. If you are prepared, this is an excellent opportunity to explore the trails that head straight to the mo’onui’s teeth. This almost 2-mile hike provides you with a unique hiking experience. You will follow a pathway that runs parallel to the Honokahua Burial site a wahi paina (special place). This is a sacred area, and there are a lot of ancient stories and legends here. 1000’s of Warriors throughout time have placed here by their loved ones. Enter the Mo’ onui’s Teeth, which were naturally formed as lava reached cold ocean water and swept up by waves and wind. This coastline is kahiko or old and rugged. Sink your teeth into this unique experience and explore the shoreline on this off the beaten path in Maui. After this incredible spot, you will visit the Poelua Bay and Nakalele Blowhole, Heart Rock, Lighthouse, & so much more! Imagine walking through desolation and severe rocks and come across the beautiful Heart Rock and Nakalele Blowhole. This is an excellent tour for a unique Hawaiian getaway for cruise ships and more. 

Make sure that you bring good hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses. Please make sure that you are physically able to do a moderate hike and have sure footing. While the hikes are usually not too demanding the lava, formations are very unforgiving in a fall. 

Heart Rock

Dragon's Teeth

Scenic Drive

Sink Your Teeth Into This Maui Adventure!